costume and makeup play tips and ideas

Five Factors To Consider When Purchasing Custom-Made Lace Wigs

There are many different wigs on the market. If you choose, you can change your hair color and hairstyle daily by simply switching wigs. Wearing a wig can boost your self-confidence and help you promote your individuality. When you choose the right wig, it will look as good or better than your natural hair. But there are numerous factors to consider when buying custom-made lace wigs. Here are a few of them. Read More 

Soothe Chapped Lips Naturally

Suffering from dry, chapped lips may deter you from using some of your favorite lipstick products. A CBD lipstick assortment can be used to soothe your lips, plus naturally enhance the color of them. CBD Infused Products Cannabidiol (CBD) has therapeutic properties that support healthy skin. Cannabidiol is a natural derivative of the cannabis plant. It is used during the manufacturing of some cosmetics, skincare products, tinctures, oils, edibles, and vapes. Read More 

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costume and makeup play tips and ideas

Some of the most fun I have with my kids is when we play dress up. We have a costume weekend around our house at least once each month. During that weekend, we pull out a chest full of costumes and a big box of makeup that we use to decorate our faces. We go through a lot of makeup and have had to get very creative in how to clean makeup stains off of our skin and the furniture around the house. Our family blog contains many ideas for costume play and even several tips that can help you with cleanup after play is done.