costume and makeup play tips and ideas

Keys To Manufacturing Personal Care Products

Personal care products are things used on the body, such as skin moisturizers, shampoos, and soaps. If you're looking to manufacture some of your own, here are some protocols worth following.  Focus on a Scale That You Can Truly Manage The number of personal care products you try to manufacture in a period of time is something to focus on heavily because you need to make sure you can manage scale effectively. Read More 

Achieve A Fully Personalized And Natural Look With Custom Made Lace Wigs

Whether wigs are an essential part of someone's life or simply a tool to get creative with one's appearance, lace wigs, also known as lace frontal wigs, are an incredibly natural-looking and secure option for any wig-wearer. Even though wigs are a great option for everyone to enjoy comparatively effortless beautiful hair, many people don't even consider them as a possibility unless they find themselves in a situation where they need to wear one. Read More 

Advantages Of Using Oxygen Ointments For Open Wound Care

If you have open wounds you're looking to treat, there are a lot of methods available today. One of the newer and more innovative options is using oxygen ointments. They provide concentrated oxygen molecules to the wound to get it to heal effectively. Here are some advantages that these ointments come with. Utilize at Home If you traveled to a hospital or emergency care center to deal with an open wound, you probably will have to wait a long time and potentially pay a premium, depending on what type of insurance you have. Read More 

Tips For Using Tinted Sunscreen

Tinted sunscreen can be so much more enjoyable to use than other sunscreen. Instead of leaving a cloudy, white cast over your skin, it can help hide your imperfections. And although most tinted sunscreen is made for the face, you can easily use it on your chest and arms if you have discoloration or sunspots that you want to gently camouflage in those areas. There are, however, a few tips you'll want to follow when using tinted sunscreen. Read More 

Key Tips For Women Using Eyelash Extensions

It's pretty easy to enhance the look of eyelashes, thanks to eyelash extensions. A lot of women swear by them, and if you want to give them a try, it helps to be cognizant of a couple of protocols when these beauty products are implemented into your regiment.  Decide Between DIY and Professional Assistance There will be a choice between putting eyelash extensions on yourself or having a professional beauty technician do it. Read More 

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costume and makeup play tips and ideas

Some of the most fun I have with my kids is when we play dress up. We have a costume weekend around our house at least once each month. During that weekend, we pull out a chest full of costumes and a big box of makeup that we use to decorate our faces. We go through a lot of makeup and have had to get very creative in how to clean makeup stains off of our skin and the furniture around the house. Our family blog contains many ideas for costume play and even several tips that can help you with cleanup after play is done.